Ya Pear

Features: Bright yellow color, snow white flesh, full of juice, taste sweet and slight sour.

3. Packing:

a) Inner packing: each piece is wrapped with tissue paper and foam net

b) Outer packing: 

1) 4.5kg/carton: 20, 22, 24pcs        2) 9kg/carton: 40, 44pcs
3) 10kg/carton: 36, 40,44,48pcs    4) 18kg/carton: 72, 80, 96pcs
5) or according to clients' requirements.

4. Supply period: End August to next April

5. Conveyance: Loading quantity for each 40’HR depending on its detailed packing.

6. Transporting and storing temperature: 0°C

7. Certificate: HACCP GLOBAL GAP

image.png image.png