Apples may help fight dementia
2023-04-28 10:03:26

In a recent review study published by Walter Willett, MD, Harvard University in Boston, Massachusetts, the American Academy of Neurology, there is growing evidence that flavonoids are powerful in preventing your thinking abilities from declining with age. "The results we've achieved are exciting because they show that making simple changes to your diet can help prevent cognitive decline," he said.

The study claims that many flavonoid-rich foods, such as apples and pears, as well as other fruits and vegetables such as strawberries, citrus, celery, peppers, bananas, and red wine, are significantly associated with a lower chance of SCD (subjective cognitive decline).

The findings suggest that higher total flavonoid intake is associated with lower odds of SCD. Many flavonoid-rich foods, such as apples/pears, strawberries, citrus, celery, peppers, and bananas, are significantly associated with a lower chance of SCD. The authors concluded, "Our findings support the beneficial effects of higher flavonoid intake in maintaining cognitive function in both men and women in the United States." ”