What fruit is good for the eyes for children?
2023-04-28 10:07:33


Blueberries contain a large number of vitamins, amino acids, minerals and other ingredients, which have a good nutritional and health care effect. Blueberries have the effect of improving eye blood circulation and maintaining normal intraocular pressure, which are the "anthocyanins" contained in blueberries, eating more blueberries can reduce the baby's eye fatigue and improve night vision.


Kiwi fruit can provide people with a large amount of vitamin C and is known as the "king of vitamin C". According to analysis, every 100 grams of kiwi pulp contains at least 200 mg of vitamin C, which is dozens of times higher than that of ordinary fruits. Vitamin C can slow down the irritation of light and oxygen on the eyes, care for the baby's eyes, and effectively prevent cataracts.


Tangerines not only have a detoxification function for the liver, but also maintain the eyes and protect the immune system, and their nutritional value is among the best in citrus fruits. Parents can make oranges into preserves, drinks and other foods to increase the baby's appetite.

sugar cane

Sugarcane contains many nutrients needed by the human body, especially its iron content of up to 1.3 mg/100 grams, and it is the champion among various fruits, and is known as the "blood tonic fruit". Parents can give their babies sugarcane juice, which can play a role in clearing heat and aiding digestion, and it is indispensable for the maintenance of eyes.

cherry tomatoes

The content of vitamin A in cherry tomatoes is among the best in fruits and vegetables, cherry tomatoes are also rich in vitamin C and vitamin P, can scavenge free radicals, have a strong antioxidant capacity, so as to protect the DNA of cells, avoid genetic mutations, and play a good role in maintaining the baby's eyes.